The behind-the-scenes of Akbar Brothers' finest Ceylon tea export is its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Kelaniya expanding over 276,000 square feet, making it Sri Lanka's largest tea manufacturing facility. It is where the finest of the Ceylon Teas are blended, processed and packaged whilst ensuring to retain maximum freshness and purity of our Ceylon Tea. Every inch of the manufacturing facility is designed and engineered to bring the most modern innovations in tea processing and ensure a consistent high-quality product. We consider everything in the manufacturing of our tea-from the sourcing of all of our ingredients, the leaves we pick, to the way we receive, wither, blend and pack our product. Every who, what and how that goes behind those functions follow internationally recognized best practices. There is no compromise to be made when producing and manufacturing the best quality tea for our consumers.


Equipped with cutting-edge machinery exclusively from Germany, Italy and Japan, the procedures are automated to minimize human contact and maintain the highest hygiene standards, to ensure only the best reaches the customer. The economic value of tea manufacturing contributes to being one of the main sources of foreign exchange for Sri Lanka. Ceylon Tea is catered to a number of foreign markets such as as the Middleeast, Australia, Europe, North America, Japan, Russia, UK and many more.

Akbar Brothers' tea manufacturing facilities follow stringent protocols in the processing and packaging of the tea packs which are reflected with various certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 22000, Goods Manufacturing Practice, Fair Trade and more- a testament to adhering to international standards.In the Sri Lankan tea manufacturing industry, producing and packaging that bears the 'Lion Logo', indicates the country of origin and the quality of Ceylon Tea. This logo is only awarded after rigorous assessments are performed with the process of manufacturing, packaging and handling of tea. The logo and its slogan endorses the statement 'Pure Ceylon Tea-Packed in Sri Lanka which guarantees our manufacturing of 100% pure Ceylon Tea, which is of the highest standard of quality demanded by the world's Tea Industry. The name 'Ceylon Tea' or 'Sri Lankan tea' is proudly complimented as a sign of quality tea around the World.Our vision to be Sri Lanka's premium brand of Ceylon Tea takes life here; a complex built to champion the global industry standards to serve you the finest Ceylon Tea there is to offer.